Countryball Potato Mayhem

Show everyone that you are the true Countryball Champion in two awesome game modes! Use a pick to launch your Countryball into the sky of the beautifully designed levels and crash into your opponents to collect Potatoes and break the worldwide score. Quiz mode is all about brains and speed! Guess the national flags and capital cities of the  world and become a quiz show potato-millionaire! Give your Countryball a new, individual look based on over 300 flags and various cool items. Make your own Countryball memes  in the Memem Creator mode!  The challenging and crazy battle for the coveted Potatoes has began. 

GenoTerra (Master Thesis) with Dev.Blog

GenoTerra is the name of my master thesis project. It's a game about exploring a procedurally generated landscape and it's flora and fauna. You can read all about the development of this project in my DevBlog.  The goal is to find out, if procedurally generated shapes can help designers to develop a higher coherence in the visual appearance of games.

Development Blog

Read all about the development of GenoTerra and Procedural Generation as a Design Method in Unity

The PrättiApp (Concept)

The PrättiApp is a mixed-reality app for smartphones, with which families with children get to know the cultural treasures of the Alpine region of Prättigau in a playful way. The app is an educational game, which is played locally in the various villages of the mountain region.

Bachelor Diploma

Virtuelle Welten - Reales Empfinden (VR App)

This work is about exploring emotions in an virtual environment through interaction with objects and landscape shapes using VR. A journey into an other space.


DE: Die künstlerische Arbeit befasst sich mit Fragen der Empfindsamkeit interagierender Personen gegenüber virtuellen Darstellungen von Räumen und Objekten. Als angemessenes Mittel steht die Technik der Virtual Reality-Brillen und eigens für das Projekt konzipierte Körpererweiterungen zur Verfügung. Sie ermöglichen es dem Nutzer sich in einem, virtuellen Raum zu orientieren und eine Reise ausserhalb der physischen Körperlichkeit anzutreten. 

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