What is Countryball Potato Mayhem?

Countryball Potato Mayhem is a casual mobile game for iOS and Android (including tablets) based on the Countryball (aka. Polandball) online phenomenon.

Learn more about the Countryballs

What is the game about?

There are two play modes in the game, in which you collect Potatos (in-game currency) that can be used to customize your personal Countryball with more than 300 flags (national flags, historical flags, and much more) and funny looking items and skins.

Furthermore you fight for the top ranking in the Worldwide Highscore against other players!

The game supports:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian and Greek


Use a pick to launch your customizable Countryball into the sky of four beautifully designed levels and crash into your opponents to collect Potatoes and break the worldwide score. Special Effect Potatoes spice up the game by either helping you to score or give you a harder time when touching them. 

Special Effect Potatoes

  • Goldy (+10 Potatoes - what a nice little friend)
  • Sleepy (+ 2 Potatoes - and makes everyone tired (slows down the game))
  • Evil P. (-10 Potatoes - Outch! And why is the game so fast now??)
  • Ton (Countryballs bounce off this heavy guy)
  • Inky (A misunderstood Artist... Players know why)

Four beautiful Worlds with unique Enemyballs from all over the world


The Flag Quiz is all about knowledge and reaction!

Recognize a Countryball's national flags as fast as possible to collect Potatoes and gain Bonus Points! There are 195 national flags in total distributed over the continents of the world. Step by step you learn to recognize the flags in a competitive and fun way - perfect also for students! And just like the Classical Flipper Mode, the Flag Quiz also has a worldwide Highscore. Let's see who's gonna train the brain to be the fastest!  

It's Showtime!


Customize your Countryball with the earned Potatoes! Choose from an unbelievable number of OVER 300 flags and a variety of additional items and (super) skins!

  • 195 national flags 
  • 34 historical flags
  • 28 autonomous regions
  • all 50 US states
  • 13 symbolic flags
  • 35 items/skins
  • 6 super skins (with special trail)

Worldwide Ranking

The scores you achieve by collecting Potatoes in both play modes are part of the worldwide rankings if you allow Countryball Potato Mayhem to access Apple's Game Center of GooglePlay Games. 

Classic Leaderboard

Flag Quiz Leaderboard

Say NO to pay-to-win and ads without rewards!

Sadly a lot of mobile games give players an unfair advantage if they are willing to pay cash for their game. Countryball Poatato Mayhem also offers in-app-purchases (IAP) but they focus on giving you the possibility to purchase Potatoes to customize your Countryball or unlock the beautifully designed worlds and all quiz regions quicker. All of the content can be unlocked without paying for the app - a matter of honor! Furthermore Countryball Potato Mayhem uses ads to monetize - but only if you want to! No pop-up ads, no game breaking ads in the middle of the fun! You can watch an ad to receive some free Potatoes or an extra chance in both play modes. That's fair for you and the developer.

Get Countryball Potato Mayhem now!

Thank you for your support me by downloading Countryball Potato Mayhem. It's not always easy for a solo developer to survive but with your help the dream of making games for people who love playing them like I do can grow. You can support the development of Countryball Potato Mayhem by sharing it with your friends and family. If you have any issue to address, or wanna say hello, I'd be happy to read from you! Just use the contact form in the "Info/Contact" section or smash that support button.



You reached the end. Here's a Potato as a reward.

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