I found a bug - how can I report it?

As a solo indie game dev it's hard to find all the bugs in the game. I appreciate if you report the bugs you might find via mail or the official discord channel of Countryball Potato Mayhem.

This is how you report a bug correctly:

  1. Tell me about...
  2. - your operating system + system version number (e.g. iOS 12, Android 11)
  3. - your device model (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S20, Google Pixel 4)
  4. - what is the problem? (e.g. the game crashes, I see a black screen)
  5. - how can I reproduce the problem? (e.g. start app > go to main menu > select battle royale > click on QuickMatch > bug)
  6. - how often does it happen? (e.g. everytime I play, only when I'm connected to a network)
  7. - if possible: add screenshot or screen recording

How do I play with my friends in the battle royale game mode?


Invite friends to a match

1. Open Countryball Potato Mayhem and enter the Battle Royale game mode

2. Choose "Create Match"

3. After creating a friends ID you can create a public or private match for your friends by tapping "Create Room"

4. You can inform your friends by sending them the friends ID (automatically copied to your clipboard) from within the app


Join friend's match

1. Open Countryball Potato Mayhem and enter the Battle Royale game mode

2. Choose "Join Friend's Match"

3. Paste the friends ID you received from your friends

4. Choose "Join Friend's Room"

Note: Only players on the same server can find each others matches and play together. You can change your server in the lobby (check red circle on image below)


My score/rank doesn't show up in the leaderboard or it's not the same as displayed in the lobby!

Please be patient. It can take up to 24h or more until your rank is displayed in the leaderboards. Note that your score and rank only will be submitted to the leaderboard if they are higher than your score/rank that is already in the leaderboard. If you uninstall Countryball Potato Mayhem you will need to first get a higher score than you had when you submitted last time you played. 

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