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The yearly Christmas Charity is happening again! 90% of the profit from all In-App-Sales go to the the ICRC (Red Cross) From 24.Dec 2020 until 06.January 2021. Get some potatoes now and do something good.


A lot of you players were requesting online multiplayer for Countryball Potato Mayhem to play together with your friends and I heard you. I'm working on a crazy battle royale mode that will be part of the next update in January 2021. Watch my latest devlog for more information. Stay tuned!


Watch the development of an indie game and be a part of it!

Here you can find all episodes of the development documentation or short: the DEVLOG. Check out monthly new episodes from the game's earliest stage to the end at some point in the future.

Behind the Scenes of my first Indie Game Countryball Potato Mayhem

This is the story of the mobile game Countryball Potato Mayhem - my first ever published, solo indie game. Let's see how it all started as a whacky prototype and if it became a great success or an epic failure.

Countryball Potato Mayhem Update 4.0 now available

TOP 10 YouTube Channels for Learning GameDev with Unity

In this video I present you my TOP 10 YouTube game development channels from which I learned to use Unity and much more around game design, development, business and inspiration

How to make a Game in Unity - Tutorials now online

You always wanted to make a game yourself, but didn't know where and how to start? Then this tutorial series for you. In nine tutorial episodes you will learn how to use Unity and write code yourself. At the end you will have created your own 'art thief' game on which you can build on.

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