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Join the Countryball Charity Campaign!

Let's do something good together!

Over the Christmas period (24 December 2019 to 10 January 2020) 90% of the profits from all in-app purchases in Countryball Potato Mayhem will be donated to the charity UNICEF (click here to  see  how UNICEF helps children in over 190 countries worldwide). So if you’ve always wanted to get some Potatoes, the full quiz experience or endless meme creations, the time has come NOW!

The donation campaign is an idea of mine. There is no official partnership with UNICEF!

As I receive the final net profit from Apple and Google, I will transfer it to UNICEF. I will inform you with a blog entry with all the details for you to check the amount and the donation.


For new about the fundraiser and Countryball Potato Mayhem please follow _mnenad_ on Instagram!


Thanks for your support!


Countryball Potato Mayhem

Play the skill-based Flipper Mode, the fast Flag Quiz Mode, customize your Countryball with over 300 flags and create and share your own memes in the brand new Meme Creator Mode!

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