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Check out Countryballs: The Heist, the fresh indie game I created together with PWA.

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Countryballs: The Heist is PWA's comedic stealth adventure where you become a master thief for eccentric clients.

Customise your Countryball's disguise to explore maze-like countries.

Plan, sabotage, hide and trick to outwit guards and traps - or create your own thrilling heists for the community. 

Play Countryball Potato Mayhem for free

Editor Extensions and more:

Check out these amazing assets on the Unity Asset Store to boost your development to the next level.

Countryball Quiz

Test your knowledge about the world and its wonders with the Countryballs in 50 crazy questions around the globe! Everyone can participate from home.

6 Years of Indie Game Development - and what I've learned from it [part 1/2]

This video is a summary of the first three out of six years I've been making games as a part-time solo indie game developer.

Top 10 GameDev Channels in 2021

Do you want to make games? In this video I present you my personal, updated Top 10 YouTube game development channels from which I learned the needed skills and got the motivation and inspiration to become a indie game dev!

Devlog#5: Shoot 'n' Run

Watch the development of an indie game and be a part of it!

In this episode our mech learns to run, aim and shoot. KABOOM! 🔫

Watch PWA's new Countryball Animation feat. Countryball Potato Mayhem

Thanks to PWA (PixelWolfAnimation) for the awesome animated Countryball promo 

USA wins the first Countryball Olympics

Ever wanted to join the Olympic games and represent your country? That's what players from all around the world did in the last stream! :)

Congratulations to the USA, the first official winner of the Countryball Potato Mayhem Olympics

Devlog#4: Character Design Chaos

Watch the development of an indie game and be a part of it! In this 4th devlog episode we go through the steps to create a brand new mecha main character for the game.

How to make a Game in Unity - Tutorials now online

You always wanted to make a game yourself, but didn't know where and how to start? Then this tutorial series for you. In nine tutorial episodes you will learn how to use Unity and write code yourself. At the end you will have created your own 'art thief' game on which you can build on.

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