Solo Indie Game Dev RAP

Well, in this 'not quite devlog' episode I rap about the ups and downs of a game developer's life. Feel free to diss me in the YouTube comments. When you're done so, check out other stuff including my devlogs.



Open the console log - tryin’ to print  „Hello World“,

Here’s your favourite f**king nerd.


I’m a game dev  - riding solo on the biz,

Until your lil’sisters fingers play around with my "joy-stick".


Check my devlogs - I’m hustlin’ every night and day,

Unity brought into the game and I’m here to stay - 


…Until this bug is fixed. Until this rig is no more jiggeling down down on it’s hips.


While you’re outside smooking weed at the train station,

I’m adjusting joints - for my flappy-bird-rip-off integration.

Not worth mentioning, but my code skills are pure magic,

If Debug.Logs pop-up - two slashes - that’s the trick kid.


Don’t need to crip walk -  just code in C#, 

easy to learn - but to master it is hard.

I’m able to create fictional, interactive worlds,

Where your mum's rigidbody is having at least once - less mass then planet earth. 


Call me silly but I got a dream - from my ad revenue I do afford an ice cream.

I’m a solo game dev - my project's a mess, 

no need to obfuscate anymore,

but but it’s still a success.


I need no acid, no whores - I visit the Asset Store,

And get more gun sounds than a military force,

so I click, click,

tick, tilt and shift it - until I ship it.

Check my sprite, check my sprite


The scenes is lit!


I hate crash causing foreach loops,

Still solo indie but creating canvas groups,

having issues - with editor version 2019.2.

Code snippets coming at you - from StackOverflow-Crew. You…

better back-up before building, because i blow up buildings - gettin’ the chills while Apple's paying my bills. 

Cause I control every man and his character, 

Gimme 5-star-ratings for my app - and I ain’t even mad at ya!


I make the whole city burn - with visual effects, in action.

Thanks to raycasting my player's feed allign almost in perfection,

If I gained your attraction check my free tutorial collection.

Cameras glitch into walls - that’s a weird reaction.


I’m so underground - you might think my collider’s not set up,

it's a feature - not a bug. The enemies are thugs,

that’s why we shoot’em up - missing LOD’s - that’s why the framerate is fucked.

the profiler almost get stuck, at load-up!


Call me silly but I got a dream - one day a wanna belong to a triple A-team.

Consisting of me, myself and I - in this whole game - you just try again if you die.

Writing storylines on the side, don’t watch my devlogs at night - cause the white screen is really bright,

Use Rotation-LookAt() your eye.

With that basic AI - they were suppost to be chasin’ but just pass by. (bye-bye)


You’re telling yourself this is devlog filler-episode,

…yeah, there’s nothing to add to that - it is so.

150k downloads on my first commercial game,

you asking for updates? Guys, I’m working on it ok?

I will inform you when it’s released - and I’m finally relieved,

so I can work on my other project in peace, Jesus please - 

I’m not a rapper, not a G!

Scammers are texting me in Chinese,

I'm tryn' to not be mean, but what's that even supposted to mean? 


Make sure to sub - welcome to the club - my Friends

Don’t shit your pants - I won’t be doing this again.

Unless maybe Snoop Dogg is asking - as he's being a fan.

Or YouTube stopps showing me these stupid ads - with that hung up girl and her cheating idiot warrior man!

©Mihajlo Nenad 2020/21



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