Transparent RawImage in Unity URP Post Processing
game development · 24. May 2024
Fix missing transparency in Unity URP using Render Textures (Unity 2021/22 LTS)
6 Years of Indie Game Development - and what I've learned from it [part 1/2]
game development · 05. November 2021
This video is a summary of the first three out of six years I've been making games as a part-time solo indie game developer.

Top 10 GameDev Channels in 2021
game development · 02. October 2021
Do you want to make games? In this video I present you my personal, updated Top 10 YouTube game development channels from which I learned the needed skills and got the motivation and inspiration to become a indie game dev!
DEVLOG#5: Shoot 'n' Run
devlog · 10. September 2021
In the 5th devlog episode our mech learns to run, aim and shoot. KABOOM! 🔫

Let's Stream
game development · 28. July 2021
Live streaming is a great way to connect with your players and have fun together. Here you will find all the information about upcoming dates and past streams in case you missed one.
DEVLOG#4: Character Design Chaos
devlog · 13. May 2021
In this 4th devlog episode we go through the steps to create a brand new mecha main character for the game.

Funny Twitch Streamer plays Countryball (Battle Royale) mobile game with viewers [2021]
collaborations · 17. March 2021
Twitch Streamer Sebonanan (aka. Sebi) plays Countryball Potato Mayhem's brand new Battle Royale mode with fans and viewers. He also tries all other mini games... GET REKT!
You helped raise over $100 for people in need
game development · 16. February 2021
The yearly Christmas Charity raised over 100$ for the Red Cross Movement. Thank you!

Solo Indie Game Dev RAP
game development · 01. February 2021
Well, in this 'not quite devlog' episode I rap about the ups and downs of a game developer's life. Feel free to diss me in the comments. When you're done so, check out my devlogs.
DEVLOG#3: Christmas Crunch Confessions (Special)
devlog · 24. December 2020
Watch the development of an indie game and be a part of it! In this special Christmas devlog episode I get knocked out by «December Crunch» - the manifestation of my recent crunch month. (Game makers call the process of working nights and weekends to hit a tight deadline “crunch”). Merry Christmas 2020 and Happy New Year 2021 to all of you!

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